Blagg (crater)

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Blagg crater 4102 h1.jpg
Coordinates1°18′N 1°30′E / 1.3°N 1.5°E / 1.3; 1.5Coordinates: 1°18′N 1°30′E / 1.3°N 1.5°E / 1.3; 1.5
Diameter5.0 km
Depth0.9 km
Colongitude359° at sunrise
EponymMary A. Blagg
Oblique view facing west with Bruce at center and Blagg below center, from Apollo 10

Blagg is a tiny lunar impact crater located on the Sinus Medii. It is a circular crater with no appreciable erosion. To the east-southeast is the irregular crater Rhaeticus, and northeast lies Triesnecker. It is about 33 km to the east of the slightly larger Bruce. It was named after noted English astronomer Mary Adela Blagg. Its diameter is 5.0 km.[1]


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