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 I played basketball for two years, for Holmes Jr. High School. I am now in the 11th grade at Da Vinci High School, and I do not play basketball. I did not play basketball this year or last year because I am recovering from an ankle injury. I enjoy watching the Sacramento Kings' games on TV, but I enjoy attending the games even more.
 The Kings' games are very interesting, and very entertaining to watch. Kings' fans have a reputation for being the noisiest. Arco Arena, where the home games are played, is located in Natomas, which is just outside of Sacramento. Recently, housing has been established in that area. Many of the citizens who have bought housing in that area have complained about the intensity of the noise coming from Arco Arena. Also, The Kings' players threatened to leave Sacramento if they did not get a new Arena. Overall, the Kings' have gone through a lot in the past couple of years.
 The Kings' have gone through many tradings of players and recieving of players fresh from other teams. Just last night they traded Chris Webber, and two other Kings' players. For many people, this is a good trade because they are not very fond of Webber, or C Webb. On the other hand, many people find that this is a bad trade, and think that they should not have traded Webber. Personnally I think this was a good trade, because I am one the people who are not so fond od "C Webb."
 All-in-all the Kings' have had good seasons and bad season, but their fans stick to them like glue.