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Literal meaningGrand Ancestor

Taizong is the temple name used for several monarchs of China. It may refer to:

  1. Tai Jia (fl. 16th-century BC), king of the Shang dynasty
  2. Liu Heng (202 BC–157 BC, reigned 180 BC–157 BC), also known as Emperor Wen, Han dynasty emperor
  3. Shi Koumi (石寇覓; fl. 295), Shi Hu's father, posthumously honored as Taizong of Later Zhao
  4. Li Xiong (274–334, reigned 304–334), also known as Emperor Wu, emperor of Cheng Han
  5. Zhang Mao (277–324, reigned 320–324), ruler of Former Liang
  6. Sima Yu (320–372, reigned in 372), also known as Emperor Jianwen, emperor of the Jin dynasty (266–420)
  7. Fu Deng (343–394, reigned 386–394), also known as Emperor Gao, Former Qin emperor
  8. Tuoba Si (392–423, reigned 409–423), also known as Emperor Mingyuan, Northern Wei emperor
  9. Liu Yu (439–472, reigned 465–472), also known as Emperor Ming, emperor of Liu Song
  10. Xiao Gang (503–551, reigned 549–551), also known as Emperor Jianwen, Liang dynasty emperor
  11. Li Shimin (599–649, reigned 626–649), Tang dynasty emperor
  12. Yelü Deguang (902–947, reigned 926–947), emperor of Khitan (renamed Liao dynasty during his reign)
  13. Wang Yanjun (died 935, reigned 927–935), also known as Emperor Huizong, Min dynasty emperor
  14. Duan Siliang (died 951, reigned 945–951), emperor of the Dali Kingdom
  15. Zhao Guangyi (939–997, reigned 976–997), Song dynasty emperor
  16. Li Deming (981–1032, reigned 1004–1032), leader of Tangut people, later posthumously honored as emperor of Western Xia
  17. Wanyan Sheng (1075–1135, reigned 1123–1135), emperor of the Jin dynasty (1115–1234)
  18. Ögedei Khan (died 1241, reigned 1229–1241), Yuan dynasty emperor
  19. Zhu Di (1360–1424, reigned 1402–1424), also known as Yongle Emperor and Emperor Chengzu, Ming dynasty emperor
  20. Hong Taiji (1592–1643, reigned 1626–1643), originally khan of Later Jin, later became emperor of Qing dynasty

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