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If the work was first published in 1867, its copyright has expired in all jurisdictions I'm aware of, so how can the Community of Christ hold a copyright that doesn't exist? --Delirium 05:17, Dec 21, 2003 (UTC)

I would assume that they, like the LDS church, re-register the copyright over time. The LDS church still claims a copyright on the Book of Mormon, even though the original text has long fallen into the public domain. A good question, it should be further researched.

I really hate it when this happens, I searched for an article on this subject prior to writing the article, to no avail. However, I've now found [Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible]] that has most of the same information. This page should probably be made into a forward page, and any new ideas here edited into that document. Sorry. I really did look hard before beginning the effort.