Gerhard Lindblom

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Gerhard Lindblom

Karl Gerhard Lindblom (26 August 1887 – 8 June 1969) was an ethnographer from Sweden who worked in East Africa in the 1910s. He was the principal author of materials on the Akamba peoples.


  • Outlines of a Tharaka Grammar, with a list of words and specimens of the language, 1914
  • The Akamba in British East Africa : an ethnological monograph, 1916, PhD dissertation at Uppsala University, Sweden, 2nd edition, enlarged, 1918–1920, facsimile 1969
  • Notes on Kamba grammar : with two appendices: Kamba names of persons, places, animals and plants - salutations, 1926
  • Die Beschneidung bei den Akamba, 1927
  • Kamba folklore, 3 volumes, 1928-1935
  • Notes ethnographiques sur le Kavirondo septentrional et la colonie du Kenya, 1932
  • Spears with two or more heads, particularly in Africa, 1934
  • Ethnological and anthropological studies in Sweden during the war, 1946