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Opie Ortiz is an American artist specializing in tattoos, pop art and murals. Ortiz is best known for his art featured on Sublime album covers.[1] Murals painted by Ortiz can be found in and around Long Beach, California.[2][3]


Opie operated American Beauty Tattoo for approximately seven years before opening World Famous Tattoo. He now works at Still Life Tattoo, located in Seal Beach, California. Ortiz was also responsible for the "Sublime" tattoo across Bradley Nowell's upper back, which appeared on the cover of the multi-platinum self-titled album Sublime, along with the flower art covering the front of the CD. He also created the burning sun on the cover of 40 Oz. to Freedom, the cover artwork for Second-hand Smoke, 1997's Doin' Time EP, as well as the Everything Under the Sun box set. He has also been a member of the bands Long Beach Dub Allstars and Dubcat.

In 2019, Oritz was featured in Sublime, a documentary about the band.[4]

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