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Where can one find a copy of this film?[edit]

I saw it in a theater in Portland, Oregon, in the fall of 2005 but that was only because I thought it deserved a chance on the "silver screen" rather than on the little screen of my television. After that, I took a look at the Internet Movie Database at It's my understanding that the film will be available in the US in the Spring or Summer of 2006.

Attention to Details[edit]

At least one scene in the movie makes me want to see it a second time. It was the scene where the woman dressed in a white business dress with black streaks is framed against the shadows of a venetian blind illuminated with afternoon light, making an unusual interference pattern coming close to a moire effect. My memory is not fresh about this visual effect, but it might make viewing on a television screen a little bit difficult. The horizontal shadows of the venetian blinds could symbolize the black and white rigors of fascist society, and the white dress with a print of diagonal streaks probably symbolizes the individual's difficulty to fit in.

Even if it doesn't symbolize that, the attention to detail in the choice of the actress's wardrobe warrants some discussion.

Chapter Headings[edit]

Someone should add chapter headings to the main article to make it more readable. It's a major chore having to wade through paragraphs upon paragraphs to get to the parts of the article that the reader is interested in.